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Lateral violence draws power from being nameless and invisible.


The first step to tackling lateral violence is naming it and exposing the ways it impacts in our families, communities & workplaces.

What is Lateral Violence?

Lateral violence is a new word for age old behaviour – a behaviour that has existed since the beginning of time, or at least since more than two human beings began to roam this earth.


Lateral violence is where a person uses destructive behaviours to diminish, manipulate, dominate or control another person.   This behaviour is about how the perpetrator is feeling about themselves, rather than anything the victim has said or done.  The perpetrator will engage in these behaviours in an attempt to feel more in control of their own feelings or behaviours.


Lateral Violence is one of the most destructive behaviours that we as humans engage in … it has the capacity to destroy our souls - Ask anyone who has been victim of viscous bullying, malicious gossip, spiteful back-stabbing or hateful bitching, and they will all agree.


There are many behaviours associated with lateral violence, such as bullying, gossiping, back-stabbing and bitching.  These behaviours are used to manipulate, dominate, control and diminish another person.  


Lateral violence effects both workers and management and has the potential to make an workplace a very destructive environment to work in, which ultimately effects productivity and team morale.

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